A personal mission

Rethinktheland started as an idea of our changing land relationship and then progressed into a practice of the last three and a half years. We are in a time when we have to rethink everything we do and why we do it. In this time, rethinktheland has become an overarching concept within which the growing respect we have for each other, for the earth and its ingenious systems became central to my way of life.
I am curious about the wonders that are right here in front of us, I am motivated to pursue a life of meaning and purpose, and I want to be driven by selfless love. Most of all, I want the people and communities around me to prosper to live in happiness, in fullness and safety, free from environmental and social degradation and suppression.

In my experience in the past years on a farm in the Cederberg on the West Coast of South Africa, I was able to rehabilitate large tracks of land back to its natural state and experience the wonders of the returning and healing ecosystem layers. The rehabilitation was carried by and then enhanced through related plant-based economies.
I started the first steps on a long journey to know the powerful medicines of the area. I am working to put the medicines back into the hands woman and accessible to all people.
Here I expressed myself into the landscape and could discover an unfolding of relationships to plants, animals and people and the sacredness of the earth.
A land rehabilitation that folded into an economy of well-being provides unending hope and possibilities. It is also my pouring out of creativity into an open and receiving living realm.